The iPhone X Face ID [REVIEW]

What is Face ID? It is Apple’s creation which stands for a facial-recognition technology. It replaced the fingerprint sensor you already have seen on other models. Well, how well does it work?  Let’s face it, it is much easier to align your finger with the sensor than try to align your face with the phone.

The iPhone X will cost you about 750€ to 200€ more than iPhone 8 depending on the memory. Moreover Apple says it will have limited supplies at stores for same-day pickup.

Many rival Android based phones have been already using facial recognition technology. For example Samsung has an unlock feature in their smartphones that scans your face. But the systems can be tricked with something simple such as eyeglasses/sunglasses.

While Android largely bases its match on a two-dimensional camera shot of your face,  iPhone X goes for 3D. During initial setup, the iPhone X will guide you to rotate your head, so it gets a more complete picture of you by analyzing some 30,000 points on your face. So if you are wearing glasses for example,  iPhone can still recognize that it is you by using other parts of your face. the same will happen if you wear a hat.

Apple’s system continually learns. Each time you use your face to have your phone unlocked, it automatically keeps tabs on small changes. But with Android you need to go into the settings to teach the phone to get better.

And of course there are always limits. If you shave your beard, it will be a big change for your iPhone to understand that it is you. You will need a pass code, but the phone will remember you the next time.

The conclusion is that Face ID works pretty well, but keeping the fingerprint option would have been really nice.

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