How To Place Application Icons Anywhere on iPhone Home Screen Without Jailbreaking it

For iOS it is still one thing that it lacks and that is any kind of customization options available. Yes indeed, changing the wallpaper is for sure something that can be easily done, but anything else then that, the way iOS looks and behaves never changes.

It means that without  jailbreaking people have to be very creative if they want to make their iPhone to look different and unique. Let’s say that you want to hide the dock, or have an empty row of icons at the top of your iPhone screen? Or maybe having the ability to place the icons of the app anywhere on the Home screen?  You can easily do it with iOS 11.2 installed. Below, you will find  a guide of exactly how to do these  things on iOS 11.1 through iOS 11.2. The process itself is not difficult, but the results should give you an iPhone that doesn’t look like nobodies else’s. Let’s get started.

Hiding the Dock

Step 1: Navigate to the on your device.

Step 2: Select your iPhone, and then select a wallpaper that you like. Scroll down to the bottom to view all available wallpapers on the site. Tap on it to load the full-resolution version.

Step 3: Hold down on the full resolution image to save it to your Camera Roll. Then set it as your wallpaper (as still) using the Settings or Photos application.

Step 4: Now your Dock will go invisible and to make it even better you can head to Settings > General > Accessibility.  Here you can switch the Reduce Motion option on.

Blank Icons for Placing Applications Anywhere on Home screen

Step 1: To do so please go into edit mode and keep swiping to the right side until you get to a blank page, then take a screenshot.

Step 2: Go to in your Safari browser and then tap the Create blank icons button.

Step 3: Now click the Add button, then Choose File button. Here you need to select the screenshot you took in step 1. And then tap Send.

Step 4: After the wallpaper is uploaded, you just need to choose the icon that you want to replace with a blank one. Then tap the share button and then tap Add to Home screen.

Step 5: Move the new icon to the position you need it on your Home screen. After that you will notice that it appears invisible. This is because it has been made to look exactly the same as the wallpaper that is behind it.

Step 6:  Repeat the process by creating icons for all of the spots on your Home screen that you want to appear as if they have no icon. This will let you design the Home screen with actual app icons in places that you really want them to be.

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